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Below, you’ll find a whole suite of incredible resources to help you succeed!
While some resources are available to everyone, you’ll get the best access as a NorthBridge student. 

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Student Resources

Disability Resource Center

If you’re a college student, your college’s disability resource center (DRC) will be one of the greatest assets in your academic career. They can provide academic accommodations, help with placement, and even connect you to academic partners like NorthBridge!

Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

This guide, published by, helps deaf and hard of hearing students learn about online accommodations colleges offer to comply with the American Disabilities Act, popular listening devices and applications, and scholarships. It also provides a list of the 5 best colleges for students with hearing disabilities and other helpful resources.  

Writing a Paper

Long ones, short ones, double-spaced, single-spaced – chances are, you write a lot of papers.
Let’s make them the best they can be, together!

Where do
I start?

Finding the motivation to start is the hardest part – but outlines make it easy! Take things one step at a time, and you’ll have a great paper in no time.

Will you read
my paper?

Of course! Having someone review your paper so helpful, no matter your skill level. One of our academic coaches will review your paper & send you back a copy with suggestions. 

What about citations?

Citations are important to writing a great paper! It’s how you give credit to other authors when you use their work. There are two main ways to cite your paper, depending on your class or field of study:


MLA citations are commonly used in liberal arts & humanities fields.


APA citations are most commonly used in the social sciences.

Exam Prep

You’re going to take a lot of exams, but they don’t have to feel overwhelming!
You’ve got a few great resources to help you succeed:

Take a practice test.

When you know what to expect from your exam, it can reduce your test-taking anxiety and ensure that you’re confident in the material.

We recommend Union Test Prep’s incredible practice exams, flash cards, & study guides to help you succeed!

Come study with us.

Whether you’re taking the ACT, SAT, or final course exam, we’d love to help you succeed! We offer 1:1 exam preparation workshops, that are personalized just for you.

Schedule a session with one of our trained academic coaches today.