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College Success Program

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Two girls at an academic tutoring session outside

Academic Coaching

Your student is unique, with their own challenges to overcome & opportunities to embrace! At NorthBridge, our highly-skilled academic coaches provide individualized 1:1 support to your student & assist them in developing executive functioning skills. We believe that your student can succeed, and we want to help them get there!

What Do Mentoring & Executive Functioning sessions entail?

We help our students develop the skills to more successfully manage their academic life. We utilize current assignments and instructions to help reinforce and focus on skills such as time management, prioritizing, setting SMART goals, creating time management plans, and communicating with instructors.

NorthBridge can help you achieve success with...


Time Management






College Success Program

In this comprehensive support system, we’ll focus on both your student’s academic success and personal development, with accountability enforced through weekly updates.

This program includes individualized 1:1 sessions & monthly workshops with academic tutoring and executive functioning coaching, as well as social events to foster community in a safe environment that enhances their social skill development. 

We currently offer two unique session types:

academic: focused on advancing students’ progress in their classes

mentorship: emphasis on student’s overall well-being & success, beyond the academic realm. This includes goal setting, future planning, communication (student to peer, instructors, etc.), and support with DRS accommodations.

Two girls at an academic tutoring session outside

Want More Information?

About NorthBridge

At NorthBridge, we guide students with learning differences to succeed. Our students have dreamed of a college education, and we believe that is possible with determination!

Our team of highly-skilled staff and academic coaches is dedicated to student success – all have received their Bachelor's degree, with many working on their Master's.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Two girls at an academic tutoring session outside

NorthBridge is proud to be a preferred vendor with Arizona’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program. This is a specialized course completion program designed to support the success of students with learning differences or those who face other hurdles to completing their education.

This program includes individualized 1:1 sessions & monthly workshops with academic tutoring and executive functioning coaching. Weekly grade updates are sent out on a weekly basis to hold students accountable and track progress.

Students are referred to NorthBridge through Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and assigned an academic coach to address executive functioning deficiencies and assist with academic tutoring in college-level courses. 

Assistive Technology

Many of your courses will use assistive technology to help your learning experience – but when you don't know where to click or what buttons to push, this can feel like a barrier.

NorthBridge can help you make the most of the tools you need to succeed in each of your courses!

We can help you succeed with these tools & more:
  • Canvas, LoudCloud, BlackBoard, RioLearn

  • Google Suite

  • Time Management Apps

  • Math Apps and Software

  • Reading Comprehension Tools

  • Smartpens

  • Clicker Technology